What is ghosting?

Even if you haven’t heard the term, I can guarantee you’ve dealt with ghosting. You experienced it as a student, or while working in an office.

Ghosting is when you attempt to wipe a whiteboard clean and you still have traces of marker left over. It’s the shadows of your last brainstorming session that just won’t go away, and the ugly gray smears that start to build up. So much for your “white”-board. Sound familiar?

Ghosting is something all of our whiteboards have had problems with. And it’s not just whiteboards – it’s dry erase paint as well.

However, when you’ve got the shadows of past notes refusing to wipe away, it’s not just a problem of ugliness. (Although yes, it’s pretty hideous.) Security becomes threatened. This might sound dramatic, but sensitive information can become permanent on your dry erase boards. Then you have a serious security breach.

cleaning dry erase wall

What is a non-ghosting surface?

Once you have the definition of ghosting, non-ghosting isn’t rocket science. It’s a dry erase surface that keeps its high quality over time. Even after months or years, it can wipe completely clean. No shadows. No murky grossness. Just a spotless surface.

What dry erase products are non-ghosting?

Unfortunately, not too many. Until recently, the only genuinely non-ghosting option was glass. Glass dry erase products are an incredibly elegant solution. However, they can get very expensive. Furthermore, the weight of glass often requires engineering the wall to install it. A more recent solution is peerhatch dry erase wall covering. peerhatch is a patented dry erase wall covering that comes with a 5-year non-ghosting guarantee. Additionally, it has the benefit of being customizable – you can print image or graphic on it.

Collaborating on dry erase writable wall

Why choose non-ghosting?

Clearly, it’s awesome. No one actually likes cleaning or working on dirty whiteboards. However, it is an investment. Non-ghosting is the holy grail of the world of writable surfaces. This means choosing a non-ghosting dry erase product is more of an investment than picking up a cheap whiteboard from your local office supply store.

Is non-ghosting worth that investment? Part of it depends on you – do you need a little writable surface in your kitchen to write to-do lists? Or is this something your workplace will be using for years? You’ll need to decide for yourself, but here are four reasons investing in non-ghosting is worth it:

1. Spotless

Maybe it’s obvious, but it’s such a big advantage it’s worth saying again. Non-ghosting means your writable surface will stay spotless for years! No marker smears or month-long remnants of a lunch order you can’t wipe off. It’s easier, and frankly more pleasant, to work on a clean surface than a dirty one. And if this is for your workplace, it’s a matter of keeping the office looking clean and professional.

2. Data Privacy

Although most meetings aren’t a matter of national security, you may be discussing business strategies or client information that you want to keep confidential. Non-ghosting dry erase lets you wipe away every trace without worrying about sensitive information sticking around.

3. Easy Maintenance

No harsh cleaning chemicals. No scrubbing away. No kicking yourself if you forget your notes for a few weeks and now it won’t come off.

Image of work space with beautiful wallpaper

4. Great Design

Whether you go for glass or wall coverings, you’re taking a big step up from clunky whiteboards. Glass has a timeless elegance. It’s a beautiful addition to any space and blends perfectly with almost any interior design aesthetic. Wall coverings like peerhatch have the benefit of being completely customizable. You can match paint or Pantone colors or add branding and logos. Even custom print stunning landscapes or piece of art.

5. Encourages Collaboration

A clean writing surface is a lot more inviting then an old gray whiteboard. Collaboration is the heart of any growing business. It encourages creative solutions and critical thinking. So, give your team the best tools so they can do their best work.

To conclude, a non-ghosting dry erase surface is an important investment all businesses should consider. Its many benefits exceed the initial cost, and it’s a valuable tool for any collaborative workplace. Contact peerhatch today for your free sample of non-ghosting dry-erase wall covering!