With the creation of peerhatch, our goal has been to boost collaboration and productivity in our clients’ spaces. Without a doubt, it is a good-looking writable wallcovering, but it is made with a potential to be much more than pretty. peerhatch can have many uses for educators, and we would like to help you discover them. In this blog post, we are going to tell you about five ways you can use peerhatch in your educational environment.

1: For Group Projects

Group projects are one of the most common ways to encourage collaboration among students. While a whiteboard is limited in size, peerhatch takes up an entire wall – or all the walls within your classroom, if you’d like. It gives your students the space they need to brainstorm and share ideas and takes teamwork to a new level.

2: For Individual Work

It is no secret that some students get anxious when coming up to the board – not because they don’t know the material, but due to the stress of having all eyes in the room on them. In fact, many students have supported abolishing in-class presentations as they may cause anxiety in some teenagers. Whether you agree or disagree with them, it doesn’t hurt to have alternatives to such presentations. For instance, you can use peerhatch to let your students work individually while writing on the walls. Teachers can draw attention to the student’s work later or comment on it in a more private manner if needed.

3: As A Projector Surface

To implement technology in a classroom, teachers can use peerhatch as a surface screen for a projector. It allows them to draw on a projected image and deliver the lesson without having to run back and forth to the computer. While the material is demonstrated, students can be taking notes or become a part of the instructional process by brainstorming the new topic on the walls.

4: For Staff Rooms

While classrooms can use peerhatch in many ways, your staff room can benefit from it too. Teachers need space to share plans, ideas, and schedules as well, and having a writable wall in your staff room can be a great (and stylish!) solution. peerhatch allows you to get rid of panels, boards, and clutter that comes with them, giving every teacher space to put notes and other materials. It can contribute to teamwork too if you use peerhatch in staff meetings.

5: For Other Spaces (Corridors, Locker Rooms, Game Rooms…)

With peerhatch, you can transform any space in your school into a collaboration or announcement center. Think about walls in your corridors and dead spaces in offices and classrooms. Your school walls have more potential than you think, and peerhatch is the way to unlock it. Do you have a sports team? How about a writable play wall to replace those small game whiteboards? If there is a wall, it can be writable with an attractive graphical layer.

See what peerhatch would look like in your space!

Are you wondering what your educational environment would look like with peerhatch? Send us a photo and find out!

We are looking forward to sparking collaboration and teamwork in your space.