Office walls provide a lot of blank real estate. Many of us simply put up shelves or hang up whiteboards. But is that really using all of this space to the best advantage? There are plenty of ways you can transform your walls into tools that make your life easier. Writable walls inspire your creativity. Magnetic walls get you organized. There are even walls that can make you healthier! So let’s look at how you can put your office walls to work.

Top 5 Ways to Put Your Office Walls to Work

Don’t let all of this valuable space go to waste. Here are 5 ways you can put your office walls to work:

Boost Collaboration and Creativity with Writable Walls

Are your whiteboards just not cutting it anymore? Upgrade with a writable wall and give you and your team’s creativity the space to run wild. Dry erase wall covering turns your entire wall into the perfect functional workspace. Because of the size, it gives you the space to work with several others to brainstorm and plan during your meetings. Or simply transform a wall in your personal office to keep your notes and project planning in one space.

And if you’re not a fan of plain white walls, peerhatch has you covered! Peerhatch writable walls can be custom printed with any imagery, colors, or branding for a tool that’s both stylish and functional. The colorful print of these walls doesn’t lessen your ability to write clearly and legibly. Plus, it’s a lot more inspiring to brainstorm with a gorgeous ocean view than a blank white slate.


Get Organized with Magnetic Walls

Installing magnetic wall covering turns your entire wall into the perfect workspace. This is the perfect office addition for anyone who tends to get buried in papers. Keep your notes, reminders, and important project resources up and visible. It’s a great tool to get organized. This is especially valuable during large projects or brainstorming sessions, allowing you to see all of your team’s ideas and resources in one functional space. No more sorting through piles of papers.

Today’s magnetic wall coverings come with some very cool upgrades as well. MetWest offers custom printed magnetic wall coverings, so you can add branding or other imagery to your wall. For further functionality, peerhatch magnetic wall coverings are writable. A dry-erase magnetic wall is the ultimate addition for productivity and organization in your office!

living wall of greenery in office

Improve Your Health with a Living Wall

Living walls, or green walls, are walls covered with plant life. They’ve really exploded in popularity due to the growing trend of biophilic design, which incorporates elements of the natural world into a space. But living walls don’t simply look great, they actively improve your health and wellbeing!

You may have heard that houseplants can improve your stress and air quality. Having an entire living wall of plant life takes this to the next level. Plants in the workplace have been shown to reduce fatigue and anxiety, and improve focus. All of this leads to a happier (and more productive) workforce. Biophilic design such as living walls has even correlated with reduced absenteeism and higher staff retention!

Why do we respond so positively to living walls? Part of it can be the improvement of the physical environment. Plant life contributes to higher air quality by restoring natural humidity, increasing oxygen levels, and reducing particulates in the air. Bottom line is, turning your wall into a green wall improves not only your view, but your personal health.


Dazzle with LED video walls

Rather than incorporate nature, another option is to take advantage of the incredible advances in technology. LED video walls are an impressive option for transforming your wall into an incredible marketing tool. These walls allow massive video displays without the gaps in LED tiles or image disruptions common with projector use.

LED video walls are an engaging tool to immerse visitors in your brand and communicate your marketing. Use it to promote company news, take presentations to the next level, and even decorate for holidays – the possibilities are endless.


Find Your Focus With Acoustic Upgrades

Find yourself desperately hoping for some peace and quiet while trying to work? Too many offices are built in a way that allows sound to carry easily. Trying to concentrate on a finance report when you can hear phone calls or team discussions down the hall is brutal. So put your walls to work to help you focus!

There are plenty of ways to upgrade your walls into sound dampening protection. Acoustic paneling can be installed over small sections or the entire wall to absorb sound and create a more peaceful space. Acoustic wall covering is another stylish option that dampens sound. If you find yourself frequently distracted by the noise in your office space, these solutions could be a life-saver (or at least a concentration saver).


Put Your Office Walls to Work Today

Too many of us don’t give a second thought to our walls after we choose a paint color. But there are many ways your walls can work for you. Especially in a work environment, there are many options such as dry-erase or magnetic walls that can improve you and your team’s productivity. Take your workplace design and functionality with one of the many options available to upgrade your walls!