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We are there for you every step of the way from conception to installation. This is an overview to the process of  services we offer to our clients.


Our team of designers will work with you to translate your vision and branding, just provide us with the idea!


Our team will put together all the elements from logo to background graphic, matching color and branding.


We will send you a final proof elevation for review to confirm all design elements are to your liking.


We will carefully pack and include all installation instructions and ship direct to you for install.


peerhatch by Metropolitan West Launches New Era for Collaborative, Creative Office Design

LONG BEACH, Calif. (May 2017) – Metropolitan West (MetWest), a leading provider and installer of decorative wall coverings, decorative glass film, custom film and graphic solutions, has launched a dry-erase product that integrates creative office design with a collaborative professional environment.  peerhatch is a durable, writable surface with custom graphics infused into the entire dry erase subsurface, providing unlimited possibilities to rival traditional whiteboards and paint-on solutions. The graphics can encompass the entire wall, whether it’s a small wall covering or every inch of a sprawling conference room. These proprietary dry-erase surfaces are fully customizable, easy to maintain, resilient and eliminate “ghosting,” – the lingering residue from markers that is nearly impossible to remove. Known for its artistic wall coverings and visually stunning decorative films, MetWest is bringing the same level of what founder Kelly Taylor calls “WOWification” to writable surfaces with peerhatch. “peerhatch combines the best solutions to many different architectural and interior design challenges. Not just a dry-erase board mixed with a wall mural, peerhatch has its own unique power to inspire creativity and encourage collaboration,” Taylor said.

When peerhatch is installed in your office, it serves as the creative background to your business.” The demand for such a product has come from commercial property managers and construction contractors as well as interior designers and architects who are looking to stay competitive by giving their tenants the best solutions. Recently, a 10,000-square-foot installation designed, fabricated and installed at the Edmunds headquarters in Santa Monica, California was named an American Architecture Prize silver winner. It is believed to be the largest writable wall solution in the world.

Southern California has some of the most uniquely designed creative spaces in the nation. Employers are always looking for new solutions to encourage team collaboration around a brand identity,” Taylor said.

“peerhatch feeds perfectly into this trend, and I believe it will soon become a standard fixture for modern workplaces across the region and beyond.”

peerhatch fills the need for property managers, architects, contractors and interior designers. peerhatch was created to address a specific and growing demand in the commercial property market: the need for a durable, writable wall surface that inspires creativity and collaboration. Also, as peerhatch’s creator likes to say, the need for “WOWification.” This durable, writable wall solution features customized graphics that are infused into the entire dry-erase subsurface. Under the leadership of Metropolitan West (MetWest) founder and CEO, Kelly Taylor, the launch of peerhatch will have a huge impact on how the following professionals can add value for their clients:


Kelly Taylor, CEO and founder with an introduction to peerhatch


peerhatch is brought to you by Metropolitan West

Metropolitan West is a leading provider and installer of decorative wall coverings, decorative glass film and custom film and graphic solutions. Headquartered in Long Beach, Metropolitan West is one of the largest women-owned companies in Southern California and partners with top commercial architects, interior designers, contractors and property managers on projects nationwide. Their mission is to provide the best products the industry has to offer, making their clients’ surroundings more beautiful, comfortable and environmentally friendly. For more information, visit www.metwest.com.

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Our price guide to the services and project packages we offer.


$1200/per square foot
  • Choose Any Design On Site
  • FREE Logo Insertion
  • Image Customized To Your Space
  • Confirmation Elevation


$1000/per square foot
  • Client Provides Art Work
  • File Conforms To Our Art Specs
  • Includes 2 Hours Design Help
  • Confirmation Elevation
  • Additional Fees May Apply
  • Normally $14 /per square foot


$1600/per square foot
  • We Will Create Your Design
  • FREE Logo Insertion
  • Image Customized To Your Space
  • Confirmation Elevation