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Transcend beyond the realm of mediocrity into an elevated reality brimming with potential and growth with peerhatch® commercial grade, graphic infused wall coverings. To have an office with a great view of a metro city’s skyline is everyone’s dream. You can bring that dream to reality by simply incorporating a customized wall covering which represents a breathtaking view of a city’s architecture. Not only can it elevate the general mood of the place but also have an imposing impression on newcomers and visitors. First impressions are important, make them count. Step out of the conventional notions of interior décor and do something different by including an amazing design on your walls.

On the other hand, these wall surfaces are writeable –which means you can write on them, akin to a whiteboard (though much easier to clean.) So in your next board or team meeting, instead of using a boring whiteboard, you can simply write on the wall to make your brainstorming and presentation endeavors more interesting and inspiring!


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Who can benefit the most from these wall coverings?

Turn your wall into a whiteboard to create a collaborative environment where people including students, teachers, professors, board members can come together to work together. As opposed to using external whiteboards, turn your wall into a whiteboard making the most out of the space you already have. One of the salient features of modern interior décor is utilizing the available spaces in the most efficient manner and our dry erase wallpapers help you do that! Our exceptionally designed and customizable writable wallpapers help interior decorators complete their projects in an extraordinary manner.

At peerhatch, you can easily customize the colors, size and the design so that the architectural theme print can fit right into your existing interior design quite smoothly. You can even add your logo for no additional cost in order to use it for branding. With 5 years non-ghosting guarantee, peerhatch’s architectural themed wall covering is the ideal way to embellish internal environments in an awe-inspiring way!

• Cost-effective and innovative
• Easy to customize
• Extendable – a variety of sizes
• 5 Year Non-Ghosting Guarantee