Top 7 Ways to Improve Collaboration

1 Set Goals – Collaboration works best if everyone has a clear end goal in mind. While encouraging creative thinking is vital to the collaborative process, it’s easy for unstructured meetings to veer off topic into unrelated tangents. Setting goals keeps discussions and ideas more focused and therefore more helpful to everyone involved while [...]

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The 3 Best Office Design Ideas To Increase Workplace Productivity

In the corporate world, employees are the engine that keeps companies growing and innovating. Smart organizations know that their most important goal is to provide their employees with the tools that help spark creativity, stimulate communication and increase productivity. Office designs can be a very important tool for managers to support employee activity. When [...]

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Collaborative Workplace: The New Culture for Work

In the fast paced world we live in today, we cannot rely on one or two people to produce all the innovative ideas and most creative campaigns for your organization. It will simply take too long, and furthermore, it is unrealistic to expect a single person to come up with brilliant ideas all [...]

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Reasons Why Your Company Should Choose peerhatch Writable Walls Today

Using writable walls, where content can be added and omitted easily, promotes creativity and innovation in a company. Award-winning psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman revealed that using such products enhances memory and problem-solving skills and increases collaboration up to 15% more than merely discussing a topic verbally. Another study conducted by psychologist Stanislas Dehaene showed that [...]

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Inspiring Collaboration and Creativity with peerhatch

As the leading provider and installer of decorative wall coverings, graphic solutions, decorative glass and custom film, Metropolitan West (MetWest) is introducing peerhatch. It is a product that offers patent-pending, dry-erase writable walls that can be customized with graphics. peerhatch is designed to be a more visually stunning alternative to standard writable paint and film [...]

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How To Turn A Company Green And Increase Productivity!

As a business owner, I am trying to shift to become eco-friendly - an environment that saves on energy, controls its waste and is more about planting trees than cutting them down. There are several reasons for this; the major one being that it reduces costs and counts as a good initiative in giving [...]

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