The Graphic Infused Writable Wall – peerhatch


peerhatch creates amazing graphic infused writable wall surfaces for collaborative business spaces (or those yet to be collaborative).

What makes peerhatch products different from other wall coverings?

Apart from only using quality materials and manufacturing in the US; peerhatch is the only provider of the patent pending process of infusing customized graphics into a writable surface film. Unlike paints that can either have odor, have drying times and ghosting issues – peerhatch can be applied easily, is usable right away, and is a durable surface that prevents traditional ghosting – even if left for months.

We are able to infuse branding into your writable wall surface, be it a skyline, nature scene, motivational imagery, architectural grid patterns to simply just your logo. We can also match your present décor coloring (matching Pantone or paint color) and design, turning your entire wall into a collaborative work space.

The peerhatch name came from the combination of users and functionality. Peer, as in working with your group – and hatch, as in hatching ideas and concepts. Combined, peerhatch is the collaborative solution that enables teams to communicate without size limitation on a branded environment tailored to your company and space.


peerhatch will work with you from concept to completion helping you each step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your project.


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