A Quick History.

To where the writable surface market is today, we have come a long way since chalk blackboards (circa 18th Century) – a tool to focus students. To green boards (Circa Early 1930’s) – to reduce the glare. To Whiteboards which were introduced in 1960. Since then we have had white writable Paints – which suffer terrible ghosting, to modern smart boards which are expensive and have an electrical overhead.

2017, and peerhatch enters the market with a new technology you do not have to plug in. That covers the entire wall from floor to ceiling with no limitation on size. Is truly non-ghosting unlike predecessor claims and has a layer of infused graphics or printed single color.

Game Changer

It is here on the last point that is the real game changer (apart from the non-ghosting which itself is a miracle if you want to keep your collaborative space clean.) peerhatch can include in your wall branding such as logo, city skyline of origin, motivational messaging – but also can be a custom single color.

How does this change the face of the writable surface market? Now you can incorporate your teams collaborative space seamlessly with your environments theme, branding pantone color or building aesthetic.

Impact on Business

With the ability to have your writable surface seamlessly color match your surroundings, it is no longer an eye sore, a small area of focus or an ugly collection of shadowed work from the past. It becomes a part of your environment, not an addition. The freedom to write on any part of the wall provides freedom, the ability of a team to work together instead of taking turns against a whiteboard.

The Future of Writable Surfaces

Here is where the disruption occurs, and the reasoning for the coining of the modified terminology. This is not a “white” board, a “green” board, or a “black” board – this is no even a “board” anymore, it is the whole wall – this is your customized, personalized writing surface that will change the way communication and collaboration is done improving productivity and aesthetic. Peerhatch, The graphic infused writable wall.