You don’t need to have a design team on staff to have a custom peerhatch wall. We’ve got the design team, and they’re happy to help you out! However, if you’re not in a creative profession yourself, you might not be sure where to start. Here’s our guide to getting started with your custom writable wall:

Who’ll Be Using the Writable Wall?

Is the peerhatch wall going in your personal office? Or is this getting installed in a conference room or other shared space? Get input from whoever needs to be involved right from the start. Maybe your boss has particular requirements. Or Jennifer in Accounting is terrified of giraffes. Sorry Sarah in Marketing who wanted the safari wall. Find out who’ll be using this wall and what their needs are.

How to Come Up with Ideas

Not sure what you want? Pinterest is a great starting point. With countless collections of beautiful interior design and wall covering images, it’s an easy way to search for and organize the ideas you love.

Don’t just look for writable walls, think outside of the box with your search terms. Try searching for “environmental branding,” “office graphics,” or “wallpaper” for wall graphic ideas. Or type in a theme that interests you. “Vintage flower patterns” or “motivational sports quotes” might be more helpful then a more generic search.

Another great place to look for ideas is interior design blogs and magazines. Get inspired by the best of the best in the industry.

Last, but not least, check out our gallery! peerhatch has a collection of over 150 designs. Even if none of them are exactly what you’re looking for, it will open your eyes to design ideas you might not have considered.


Evaluate – Will Your Idea Work?

Your right brain’s been in overdrive, coming up with cool creative ideas. And that’s great! But it’s important not to forget the logistics.

Remember this is a writable surface

Does your idea work for that? Images that are really dark may make writing difficult to see. So, Brad from HR who had his heart set on the outer space wall might want to think of something new.


Consider where most of the writing is going to happen.

While standing, most people write in the space from a 4’ to 6’ height. Walls that keep that area light and without too many details tend to work best. For example, a skyline has dark and detailed areas near the bottom of the wall while keeping the sky in the middle stays light enough to write on easily.

Where is this going?

Stand in the room where your peerhatch wall is getting installed. Does your idea work in this room? Maybe your bright energetic image of a bicycle race doesn’t fit in the calm relaxation space. Or maybe you have a column smack in the middle of the wall that’s going to block the main part of your really cool rock-climbing photo idea.

And finally, remember that meeting you had when you first started, and your boss said you needed to include a logo, or your team decided they didn’t want anything orange. Are you meeting those requirements?



You’ve got your idea! The hard part’s done. Now it’s time to tell your designer about it. Unfortunately, you’re not a professional artist, and designers aren’t mind readers. How can you communicate what you want so you get exactly what you’re looking for?

The more details the better. What colors do you want, or hate? Do you know exactly where you want your logo and how big it should be? The more specific the better.

Doodle! Don’t be shy, you don’t need to be an artist. Often a doodle is a really great communication tool. It doesn’t have to be pretty to show what you mean.

Designer Works

This is where our design team takes the reigns, so sit back and relax while we work to turn your ideas into reality.



You’ve been given the initial design by the art department! But it’s not quite right. No worries, we can revise. Discuss it with your team. Be as detailed with your notes as possible. Draw on the elevation to show what you mean! Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Try to be as specific with your notes as possible – we want to create something you’ll love, but we’re not mind readers.

Revisions Until Approval

And repeat. We make adjustments, you review. If necessary, you make further notes and we continue to make changes. Until you have a design you’re excited about.



We’ve given a lot of individual steps to help you go through the process. And hopefully if you’re stuck at any point, this will help get the design process moving again. But it really boils down to three simple steps: 1) Have an Idea 2) Tell Us the Idea 3) We Create Your Idea.

A custom wall graphic is an amazing addition to any workspace. It’s a great opportunity for branding, upgrading your office design, and showcasing your business’ unique style. It’s also not just for big companies who have their own graphic design staff. Contact peerhatch to get your custom writable wall covering project started!