July 3rd, 2018

Long Beach, CA – 07/03/18 – Kelly Taylor, Metropolitan West (MetWest) and peerhatch CEO and Developer of innovative new product PEERHATCH, a writable wall surface with graphical layer, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent No. 10,011,142, entitled “LARGE FORMAT ERASABLE WRITABLE SURFACES.”

The patent covers a large format writable superstrate over a layer containing printed and preformed graphic elements.  The disclosure relates to improved erasable writable materials configured to enable embedding of graphics, and methods of manufacture, which enable longer life-span, and improved resilience and appearance of such materials in applications that utilize permanent and non-permanent ink and related substances to mark the material. peerhatch creates a large, full wall collaborative writing surface wall covering that allows teams to work together to plan, discuss and communicate ideas and concepts without restriction.


There have been various types of plastic materials and films for dry erase applications, sometimes referred to as dry-erase white-boards. Many of these materials are susceptible over time to staining or what is often referred to as “ghosting” – an after shadow caused by smudging of dry erase on the surface if left for longer periods than a day. Peerhatch is and improved material that prevents such staining and ghosting.


Available as either a single color (any color from the spectrum from white through to black) or as a custom printed graphical layer containing either photographic imagery or illustration including branding or interactive functionality (such as a grid).  The printed area is protected by the writable superstrate.


An erasable writable material for large format applications is disclosed, and includes a cast polyvinylchloride film with a mount surface opposite an etched receiver surface. Also incorporated is a transparent polyester film that has a marking side with a hardness exceeding approximately shore D 79 and an opposite seal side, hermetically laminated to the receiver surface. The marking side includes a clear superstrate that has a hardness exceeding approximately shore D 90, which is applied to the marking side of the polyester film to lower surface energy below about 24 millinewtons per meter. The receiver surface is treated to have a surface energy exceeding about 45 millinewtons per meter, to enable improved adherence of printed and preformed graphic elements, which are encapsulated when laminated between the PET film and receiver surface. The super state includes a perfluoropolyether, a polyurethane, an acrylated polyurethane, and/or an acrylate resin to harden the material.

peerhatch is currently available with either a Type II background (which is installed like most other wall coverings with application of paste) or as a self-adhesive backing which simply requires peeling of a backing layer before applying to wall surface.


Establish in 1992, MetWest, a leading provider and installer of decorative wall coverings, decorative glass film, custom film and graphic solutions, has gone on to work and consult with the nation’s leading architects, interior designers, contractors and property managers. Together, we have designed, manufactured and installed breathtaking spaces, improved energy efficiency, revolutionized collaboration areas and protected thousands of properties through our innovative products and professional services. MetWest is now one of the largest women-owned companies in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas and will soon be branching out to Las Vegas too. We cover glass, walls, floors, ceilings and doors. MetWest’s designs and services have been featured in many major publications and we have received numerous awards (IIDA, SGIA, 3M, Solargard) and recognition for our contribution on some fantastic projects. We have also installed the largest installation of a writable wall surface ( HQ) in the world with our patented peerhatch technology.

MetWest is led by Kelly Taylor, founder and CEO of both Metropolitan West and peerhatch. Kelly can be found daily working closely with both clients and staff ensuring today all clients get the level of service that we at MetWest call the MetWest Advantage (

“This is not just about customer service, reputation or company image; this is about being satisfied ourselves when partnering with clients – ensuring their satisfaction with the project as a whole. This is about being part of the team, not just an outsourced component. This is about being proud to do it the MetWest way, guaranteeing completeness of quality at all stages. This is the MetWest Advantage.” – Kelly Taylor


peerhatch is a durable, writable surface with custom graphics infused into the entire dry erase subsurface, providing unlimited possibilities to rival traditional whiteboards and paint-on solutions. The graphics can encompass the entire wall, whether it’s a small wall covering or every inch of a sprawling conference room. These proprietary dry-erase surfaces are fully customizable, easy to maintain, resilient and eliminate “ghosting,” – the lingering residue from markers that is nearly impossible to remove. peerhatch combines the best solutions to many different architectural and interior design challenges. Not just a dry-erase board mixed with a wall mural, peerhatch has its own unique power to inspire creativity and encourage collaboration. The demand for such a product has come from commercial property managers and construction contractors as well as interior designers and architects who are looking to stay competitive by giving their tenants the best solutions.

Kelly Taylor (creator of peerhatch) noticed consistently on visits to clients’ spaces an issue with traditional whiteboards and dry-erase paint. They all had shadowing and ghosting of previous content which were still legible and brought down the overall aesthetic to an environment.

When brought to the attention of the owners, the same response echoed. “Yes, it is an issue… But, What Can You Do?” So, Kelly asked herself the same, What Could We Do? This was our goal, but we had a few problems to solve. Remove the issue of shadowing and ghosting, peerhatch had to leave zero residue of dry-erase markers. Improve the aesthetic so not just plain, incorporate the culture and branding of the company. Remove all restrictions to promote collaboration and community, size should not be an issue.

After years of development and testing, we found something can be done – and we have the solution – peerhatch. The name peerhatch was born from the combination of the words “peer” (community, to work with peers) and “hatch” (collaboration on ideas, concepts and invention) – hence, peerhatch!

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