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Enhance your wall space with a peerhatch® Concrete Brick writable wall surface. Exposed brick is a beautiful spectacle for any space which gives your walls a unique and natural flare. The concrete brick design provides a great collaborative work space for any meeting or brainstorming session and fits into any workplace style. Bring the outdoors inside with this natural looking brick design. Our team will work with you to create the most efficient and collaborative space for your workplace. Incite company spirit by adding your logo or motto right onto the writable surface. Step out into our vast world of writable surfaces that go beyond the constraints of primitive dry erase boards. peerhatch® surfaces are non-ghosting and easy to maintain. We offer the most resilient product on the market for all your writable surface needs.

Flower Thrower Concrete

SKU: sur-con-012

Concrete Brick

SKU: sur-bri-003

Concrete Building

SKU: sur-con-005

Geometrical Concrete

SKU: sur-con-011

Rustic Concrete

SKU: sur-con-014

Rustic Vista

SKU: vis-arc-010

Swing Girl Concrete

SKU: sur-con-013

Textured Concrete

SKU: sur-con-015