Image of architecture theme design zero ghosting writable Skyscrapers wall covering

Dry Erase Writable Walls For Office Buildings, Conference Rooms & Spaces

When designing a space for collaboration in office buildings, be it a conference room, boardroom, war room, training room or even a break room, communication tools such as dry erase writable surfaces are essential for success. Office design can greatly affect staff productivity so use your conference room decor to its full potential as writable wall covering.

peerhatch® team collaboration walls can be applied to any wall surface that has been assigned as a communication area or zone. Due to the size of the writable surface (the whole wall is writable) the whole team can work in unison to innovate and create ideas and communicate concepts and design.


One of the core reasons for the development of peerhatch® was our CEO noticing on visits to other office spaces the condition of traditional writable surfaces such as whiteboards or paint on dry erase solutions – the shadowing on these products over time can really pull down the aesthetic of an environment. peerhatch® has been developed to be a non-ghosting dry-erase surface that will clean with a wipe of a cloth to remove all dry-erase leaving your walls looking professional, clean and as good as the day it was installed.

Commercial Grade Quality

peerhatch® Type II wall covering is commercial grade. This makes it suitable for areas with high foot traffic areas such as corridors, training, and classrooms, foyers, lounges as well as busy offices. Unlike other wallcoverings that may not fair well under commercial conditions, you can rely on peerhatch® to stand the test of time (and traffic)

Infused Graphics

One of the most impactful elements of peerhatch® is the amazing infusing of graphics, giving your collaboration area not just large writable surfaces, but graphics containing branding, messaging or predesigned imagery that aids the productive task at hand.  This could be gridlines, predefined shapes or even calendar or world map.  This is like having a large print formatted wallcovering that is also writable, from ceiling to floor, wall to wall.