What Is peerhatch?

A non-ghosting writable wall covering – the alternative to whiteboards & dry-erase paints.

Truly Non-Ghosting

Customers who are tired of smudged and difficult to clean writable paints or traditional whiteboards will be delighted with peerhatch’s guaranteed non-ghosting capabilities. Its surface is writable without leaving any staining or shadowing.

Completely Customizable Graphics

With our patented infused graphics technology, we can print any image or branding provided by your customer. We can customize to include their logo, favorite landscape, inspirational quotes or any other image.

Without Size Restrictions

In order to meet the exact specifications of your customers, we can print and cut to any size to turn any space into a collaboration hub.

Why Offer peerhatch?

  • Unique Patented Product
  • No Investment Required
  • You Don’t Need To Carry The Stock
  • Every Order Is Customizable
  • We Handle All Shipping and Manufacturing

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