5 Reasons You Need peerhatch In Your School


In the modern world, collaboration and creativity are vital to success –, especially in schools. It starts with administrators and teachers who need to share ideas, plan and support each other. It’s only when school staff works together that they can reach their full potential. Teamwork is essential to students as well. Creativity is on its way to becoming one of the most sought-after work skills while the ability to coordinate with others remains crucial to success on the job. Therefore, schools need to provide their students with tools and spaces to collaborate and create. At peerhatch, we recognize this need and strive to create such spaces with the help of our product. In this blog post, we are going to tell you why you need peerhatch in your school.

1: It’s a collaboration hub for your students

It doesn’t get much more old-fashioned than a chalkboard, does it? Some might say that a whiteboard is more of a modern solution, but we beg to differ. Neither of those gives students enough room to collaborate, and collaboration is one of the main reasons you need peerhatch in your school. peerhatch can turn an entire wall into a writable surface, giving your students space to work together and communicate freely while working on group projects.

“When you get kids collaborating together, they become more resourceful and they see themselves as experts,” says Mark Morawski, principal of Birmingham Covington School in Bloomfield Hills, MI: “All of a sudden you’ve opened the ceiling to what kids are able to do, and they surprise you sometimes.”

Image of Dry Erase Writable Walls For School Classrooms, Colleges & Sports Rooms

2: … and your staff, too!

  1. A classroom is not the only place in your school where peerhatch can spark collaboration. Your teachers and administrators can make use of it too if you put it in your faculty room. Encouraging teamwork among your staff is crucial, as it can help them coordinate with each other, improve interactions and create a sense of camaraderie while eliminating feelings of isolation so common among teachers.
EDSPACES - peerhatch for educators

3: It brings innovation to your school

We live in an ever-changing world. Educators should not just adjust to the changes, but constantly bring innovation into the learning process. Innovation is not simply putting technology in the hands of your teachers and students. It’s how you apply that technology, how you change and improve teaching methods, and even how you design your school. peerhatch is an innovative product that can both improve the design of your classrooms and create opportunities to experiment with teaching methods.

EDSPACES - peerhatch for educators

4: It is non-ghosting

Another reason not to be a fan of the old-school chalkboard and whiteboard is the staining and shadowing they leave. Classrooms are high-traffic areas where such boards are used daily, which challenges their durability. Soon enough, they start to leave stray marks making the board look dirty and hard to read. peerhatch leaves no shadowing and comes with a 5-year non-ghosting guarantee, so you can enjoy your clean writing surface for a long time.

EDSPACES - peerhatch for educators

5: It makes your school look amazing

  1. Besides all the functional advantages, peerhatch simply looks good. You can add any kind of graphic to it, including, for example, your school logo, or a picture associated with a subject. Your geography classroom can have a map on the wall, and your art room can have a wall-sized print of the teacher’s favorite painting – the high quality of our mural graphic will ensure rich colors and crisp details. With peerhatch, you can take your school design to the next level.If you want to see what peerhatch would look like in your school, just send us a photo and we will reply with a picture of your classroom with peerhatch – it’s free. We would love to hear from you and bring creativity, collaboration and innovation to your school!

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