303, 2021

Encourage Creativity At Work Through Design

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When we talk about the need for creativity in the workplace, most people picture jobs like painting, writing, or acting. But the truth is that every field demands creativity. While the artist needs it [...]

502, 2021

Promote Brand Identity With Custom Writable Walls

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Having a strong brand is more important than ever. We all know that. How to create that strong brand? Now that’s a more complicated question. A truly effective brand identity requires a lot more [...]

212, 2020

What Is Environmental Branding?

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Workplace design has seen a lot of change in the last decade. Companies are realizing that the work environment they provide dramatically affects their success. One of the ways they’re transforming workspaces is through [...]

1311, 2020

Taking Your Classroom to The Next Level

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Taking your classroom to the next level doesn't need to be exhausting. With the right knowledge and tools, you can create an educational space that is both unique and stunning. From simple changes in [...]

210, 2020

How To Custom Design Your Writable Wall

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You don’t need to have a design team on staff to have a custom peerhatch wall. We’ve got the design team, and they’re happy to help you out! However, if you’re not in a [...]