2111, 2018

4 Ways to Make Your Classroom Wall Writable

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An old-school whiteboard may have its advantages, but what it always lacks in is size. Making an entire wall writable is a great alternative as it gives you and your students much more room [...]

2011, 2018

3 Steps of Designing a Collaborative Classroom

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One of the main goals of an educator is to prepare students for the future in the workforce and make sure they possess the most sought after skills in the job market. Today, these [...]

1311, 2018

Here’s Why Classroom Design Is Important

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What matters most for educators is students’ learning achievements, and everything a teacher does is geared to help students achieve the best possible results. It is done through funding, training for teachers, standardized testing [...]

811, 2018

EDSPACES 2018: Conversation About the Future of Learning Environments

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EDSPACES 2018: Conversation About the Future of Learning Environments The mission of peerhatch is to bring innovation and collaboration to as many spaces as possible, including educational spaces such as schools, colleges, universities, and [...]