Having a strong brand is more important than ever. We all know that. How to create that strong brand? Now that’s a more complicated question. A truly effective brand identity requires a lot more than creating a cool logo. Communicating who your business is requires a more thorough approach. Using tools such as custom writable walls can help promote brand identity and narrative.

A Great Brand Strategy Starts in the Workplace

A brand is often viewed as a marketing tool created for customers. It’s something that needs to be communicated well to the public. And while that’s certainly important, don’t forget about its internal importance.

Bringing your brand into the workplace is a valuable part of creating a strong brand identity. How can you expect your customers to understand your brand if your employees don’t? Employees are your most valuable assets as ambassadors for your company. When they understand and believe in your brand, that has a positive impact on every aspect of your business.

Furthermore, a staff with a strong connection to your brand is more likely to be a genuine community. They’re people working with the same core values, who recognize what makes your business special and can share that with your customers.

So how do you bring your brand into your workspace? How can you use your brand to promote a work culture and community that strengthens your business?


All About Experiential Branding

Experiential branding is all about taking your brand beyond a set of logo guidelines and creating a meaningful connection through your customer’s experience. That experience can include an event, social media marketing, or an engaging environment. Interior design is one effective way to bring your brand into the workplace. Specifically through environmental branding. What does that mean? Basically, it’s designing your physical environment to reflect your brand.

In both implicit and explicit ways, all elements of your interior design can resonate with your brand identity – if chosen carefully. This includes graphic design, signage, material choice, colors, and space design. All these features work together to communicate your company’s identity and values to everyone in that space.

Another of these features, which is a powerful tool to reflect your brand, is a custom writable wall.

custom writable

Custom Writable Walls to Promote Brand Identity

If you’re still using whiteboards, let me welcome you to the wide and wonderful world of writable walls. You have more options than you probably think. The product you’re most likely to be familiar with is dry erase paint. If not, then well, it’s pretty self-explanatory: a paint you apply to the wall to turn it into a writable dry-erase surface. It’s an affordable option that gives you a lot more room to write than a simple whiteboard.

But it has its drawbacks.

Dry-erase paint can be messy to apply, will usually have to be reapplied regularly as marker becomes harder and harder to erase, and finally – you’re still left with just a plain white wall. This is where peerhatch comes in.

Peerhatch is a dry-erase wall covering that you can customize. It’s available as a peel-and-stick or traditional wall covering, which you can install with paste like wallpaper. No more paint fumes. Back by a non-ghosting guarantee, marker wipes off. Every. Single. Time. Really. Leave something up for months? Wipes away for a 100% clean surface. Even Sharpie comes off with a bit of rubbing alcohol. But, to return to this article’s topic of brand identity, its most important feature is its customizability.


Impact of Graphics on Brand Identity

Peerhatch dry-erase wall covering can be custom printed with anything you like. Perhaps your first thought is a fun border or a grid for organization, and those are great possibilities! But let yourself think bigger. Consider your brand.

A writable wall after all is something that’s more memorable than a simple sign. It creates an experience. By writing, brainstorming, and collaborating with others, employees, visitors, or clients actively engage with your peerhatch walls. And at the same time, engaging with your brand.

How Does Peerhatch Support Branding

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” – Paul Rand

Because your wall is completely customizable, it’s a valuable design opportunity. A straightforward but effective strategy is to feature your logo or brand messaging. But there are subtler ways for your wall design to communicate your brand. Use your brand colors or choose imagery that reflects your brand values. For example, a travel agency whose mission is to provide adventurous outdoor experiences might include images of kayaking and mountaineering.


Boosting your Brand on a Deeper Level

Beyond aesthetics, there are deeper ways that peerhatch can support your brand. These collaboration hubs are powerful tools for strengthening employee culture. They’re limitless in size, and when covering an entire wall, or hallway, they provide a space for many people in your workplace to come together and share ideas, brainstorm, and interact.

By contributing to a space that encourages your team to be creative and work together, writable walls help create a positive environment that employees can be proud to be a part of. When the wall design communicates the values of your brand, it creates a more cohesive work culture. It is one part of a strategy that turns your staff into a genuine team that understands and advocates for your brand in the excellent work that they do. Your business is more successful when your employees are excited to be part of a community, not simply showing up to put in their 8 hours.

A Modern Approach to Promote Brand Identity

A brand is too important to be reduced to logo guidelines and a memo to your sales team. It should be present in every aspect of your business. When you effectively communicate your brand to employees and potential customers, you are strengthening the relationships that are the bedrock of your success. Tools such as custom writable walls are invaluable for implementing your brand strategy.