As the leading provider and installer of decorative wall coverings, graphic solutions, decorative glass and custom film, Metropolitan West (MetWest) is introducing peerhatch. It is a product that offers patent-pending, dry-erase writable walls that can be customized with graphics. peerhatch is designed to be a more visually stunning alternative to standard writable paint and film products, to inspire creativity and to reinforce collaboration. This innovative product is ideal for creative offices that demand a highly cooperative environment.

“peerhatch brings a WOW factor element to the creative office with larger-than-life images that can be customized to fit an organization’s brand or culture and serve a very practical purpose in helping underscore creativity as people draw on the writable surface,” said Kelly Taylor, founder and CEO of MetWest.

She also added that they could see a peerhatch wall covering being the creative focal point in an organization where new ideas are hatched and eventually operationalized.

This MetWest product is an affordable, high-value, high-impact addition to any creative office because of its resiliency, scalability, easy maintenance and ability to eliminate ghosting – even if dry-erase drawings are left for months.

“We cracked the code in making peerhatch a non-ghosting surface,” said Taylor. “peerhatch protects an interior design investment through a high-quality wall covering with a lifespan many, many times longer than traditional paint and film products.”

Owners and designers of both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies can customize eye-catching visuals for conference rooms, hallways and collaborative areas.

With a custom 10,000 square foot installation at the national headquarters of Edmunds in Santa Monica, California, peerhatch has already made its mark as the largest writable wall surface in the world. In addition, this installation was acknowledged as a part of a 2017 Calibre Design Award winning entry in the Work Extra Large space category.


“Adding graphics to a writable wall surface was a game-changer solution for us to implement a branded, value-added element that complemented our inspirational space design,” said Chris Mitchell, CEO of M+M Creative Studio, the firm responsible for the design of the Edmunds installation. “It will serve as a collaborative hub for the employees, partners and visitors to Edmunds for years to come.”

Taylor claimed that peerhatch uses proprietary technology to provide a next-generation writable wall.

“Our commercial clients have unlimited options with the graphics they can add to their workspace — landscapes, logos, photos, whatever their imagination can create,” the CEO stated.


Better than the Usual Wall Coverings


peerhatch can be easily applied and used right away. It is durable, preventing the usual ghosting of traditional alternatives such as writable paints or whiteboards (even if the marker is left on for months). Designs such as skylines, nature scenes, motivational imagery, architectural grid patterns or a simple company logo can be applied to it, infusing any brand onto a writable wall surface. The possibilities are endless, and a peerhatch wall can be designed to complement any existing interior décor – matching Pantone or paint color and turning the entire wall into a collaborative work space.

The company name embodies its focus on users and functionality. Peer, as in working with your group – and hatch, as in hatching ideas and concepts. Combining these two words, peerhatch is a collaborative solution designed to enable teams to communicate without size limitation on a branded environment tailored to one’s company and space.


About Metropolitan West

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