Using writable walls, where content can be added and omitted easily, promotes creativity and innovation in a company. Award-winning psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman revealed that using such products enhances memory and problem-solving skills and increases collaboration up to 15% more than merely discussing a topic verbally. Another study conducted by psychologist Stanislas Dehaene showed that the mere act of writing activates a unique neural circuit. His study demonstrated that when a person writes, a region of the brain responds to the visual stimuli, and this profoundly enhances learning.

At peerhatch, we love these kinds of facts and studies to back our already-incredible products. Our patent-pending, dry-erase writable walls are meant to go beyond the traditional whiteboard – achieving individuality and igniting inspiration through the use of graphics, patterns and color. peerhatch is the perfect collaborative solution to any creative office, enabling teams to work more efficiently.

But what makes peerhatch products different from other wall coverings? Check this out:

Durability and Functionality

The occurrence of “ghosting” happens on traditional whiteboards when residue from markers becomes impossible to remove. peerhatch, on the other hand, uses a patent-pending process of infusing graphics into a writable film that eliminates the aggravation of ghosting.


Economically, peerhatch makes more sense when installed in a work space compared to traditional whiteboards. “peerhatch protects an interior-design investment through a high-quality wall covering with a lifespan many times longer than traditional paint and film products,” said Kelly Taylor, CEO of peerhatch.


Available in all shapes and sizes, peerhatch provides complete customization and unlimited design possibilities for businesses of all types. A company can choose from numerous graphic options such as a skyline, nature scene, motivational imagery, architectural grid patterns, or simply the company’s logo. “We see a peerhatch wall covering being the creative focal point in an organization where new ideas are hatched and eventually operationalized,” Taylor adds, describing imagery as an important aspect of collaboration and creative thinking for companies.


The peerhatch company mission is not just to create innovations that are useful and aesthetically pleasing for a company’s collaborative space but also to provide products that are environmentally friendly. As more and more companies today make efforts towards going green, an office’s design and use of current innovations has an immense impact on achieving this. However, even in the age of digital, a lot of organizations still turn to paper and printing as major tools to collaborate and brainstorm. peerhatch writable walls enhance idea generation and teamwork without requiring unnecessary printing and posting on notice boards. This revolutionized way of communicating is certainly a great step for companies towards becoming more conscious about their environmental impact.