The Latest Office “Must-Have”: Writable Decorative Walls

Writing on the walls can be dated back to 3100 BC – ever since the earliest concept of written language. From these wall paintings to the famous tomb paintings and hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians, writing on the wall has been of extreme importance throughout history. It was a way where people could communicate and interact, record history and express their ideas, stories and expressions for others to see.

A similar trend is appearing in modern offices as a tool for a collaborative workplace. It is encouraging people to work together and create and share new ideas and concepts. These walls are easy to write on and maintain, and not only are they interactive, they are also beautiful.

These walls come in many aesthetically striking designs that ensure your office remains aesthetically pleasing and lively. The surfaces of these walls are bright and can reflect just the right amount of subtle light improving employee productivity.

These walls are also promote a step forward towards an ecofriendly work environment. The paper traditionally used for writing memos and notices or for brainstorming and idea generation is considerably reduced as the walls can be used to put up such notices and memos, and the team can collectively use the wall to brainstorm and explore ideas.

These walls come in a large variety of vibrant designs and surfaces. The following are just a few design types available to suit your office environment:


The surface designs consist of textural and material visuals to give a natural look to your walls. These designs vary from bricks, concrete, marble and metal to more complex designs such as faded wood, birch trees, mahogany and stone canyon.

These surface designs give a very natural feel to your office and beautifully complement the remaining design of your office. It allows you the ability to coordinate your space in such a way that it ensures that your office emanates a formal aesthetic and maintains the high end professional look required for your business’ need.

These designs also offer a bit of texture and life to your walls. For instance, the textured metal and rustic concrete designs add a very realistic feel to your wall, creating a very sophisticated impression. It is the perfect choice for those with select taste and commitment to high-end interior design.


Vista wall designs include everything from artistic to classic looks. These designs are not only interactive, but they are as beautiful as a piece of art – a striking addition to any workplace. The vista designs range from cartoons to beautifully photographed landscapes, such as deserts and skylines.

These designs include artistic collections as well. For instance, one of the most popular designs is a Banksy inspired graffiti design on a faded wall, framed beautifully by climbing vines. Similarly, the Watercolor Skyline gives the impression of an enormous painting, and the Traditional Mt. Fuji Vista is an example of a classic art piece converted to a wall that is easy to write on and easy to clean.

No matter what the image is, the colors are light and bright, allowing all writing to be easily readable. Additionally, the easy to clean surface means that these walls remain a long lasting and durable addition to your office.


Graphical designs are a comparatively smaller selection, but its designs have been high in demand. These include abstract patterns, functional designs including graphs and charts, and the select motivational designs, which are perfect for a workplace that is in constant need of new ideas and strategy building.

But the most sought-after wall designs within this category are the selection of incredible historical maps. These include high quality reproductions of centuries-old maps of historical New York City, the River Thames and a newly discovered and only partially surveyed North America.

These maps are popular because not only are they engaging, but they bring value to your office and provides inspiration for new ideas.

These designs and their uses as walls are amazing, and they serve as the perfect tool for many purposes. Be it for inspiration, stunning office décor or a collaborative working tool, these writable walls are your one stop solution.