Clash of Titans:
peerhatch Vs Dry Erase Paints vs Whiteboards


As an educator, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for new ideas to improve the ways in which your students learn. You work on your teaching methods, take time to explore new tools and welcome feedback. But sometimes the biggest positive changes start small, with things some people may consider to be details. Namely, school design is often overlooked as something less important, but it can have a major impact on learning. It starts right there in your classroom. For example, do you still use your old whiteboard covered in the stains and smudges from months or years of writing? If so, you might be thinking that it’s time to upgrade. Should you just buy a new whiteboard or innovate a little and make your classroom wall writable? In that case, should you go with dry erase paint or take it a step further and try peerhatch? In this blog, we are going to compare these options to help you decide.

peerhatch vs Dry-Erase Paints vs Whiteboards

While comparing our different options, we consider a number of different factors, including:

  1. Is it non-ghosting?

Ghosting is when old marker won’t fully erase, leaving stray marks and stains on the surface. Ghosting ruins the look and functionality of a writable surface, so it is the number one thing you want to avoid.

  1. Size

The larger the writable surface in your classroom is, the more opportunities for creativity, collaboration and group projects it presents.

  1. Eco-friendliness

We compare our options to see which one has the least taxing effect on the environment.

  1. Durability

When you are investing in your classroom, you’ll want to get something that is going to serve you and your students for a long time.

  1. Appearance

Last but not least, your new writable surface has the potential to improve your classroom design – or ruin it altogether.

peerhatch comparison


There is a reason you want to get rid of your old whiteboard. The staining from everything you and your students have written on it has made it an eye-sore. If you get another whiteboard, the same thing is going to happen. Besides, ghosting may be one of the main reasons you are considering alternatives.

Dry erase paint companies promote their product as non-ghosting. However, if you dig a bit deeper, you can find reviews of dissatisfied customers, including teachers, who complain that their whiteboard paint started staining almost instantly. It’s never easy to decide which reviews can be trusted, but would you want to risk your classroom wall?

peerhatch is non-ghosting. No matter how much you use it, you will not see any shadowing. All you need is a cloth to wipe dry-erase marker. You can even remove permanent marker from it if you use a little bit of rubbing alcohol.

non-ghosting dry erase wall covering


There is not much you can do with a whiteboard. The opportunities for collaboration and group projects are extremely limited, which makes it a bad option if you’re looking to spark teamwork in your students.

Dry erase paint and peerhatch can make your entire wall – or classroom – writable. With so much writable space, the possibilities for collaborative student work are endless. largest writable wall in the world

Edmunds HQ. The largest writable surface in the world by peerhatch.


If you are in favor of recycled and recyclable products, a whiteboard is yet again not the best option. It is non-biodegradable, meaning it cannot be recycled and is going to end up in the landfill.

Dry erase paints and peerhatch, on the other hand, are environmentally friendly and low in VOC. In many instances, whiteboard paint can be painted over. As for peerhatch, it is made using recycled materials and can be recycled if you decide to retire it.

Image of Pattern theme design zero ghosting writable tree ocean wall covering


With how frequently a whiteboard is used in a classroom, it only takes a couple of months for it to start ghosting. Without a doubt, you can continue to use it, but the thoughts of replacing it will haunt you, like the shadowing of everything you’ve ever written haunts your aging whiteboard.

The same can be said about dry erase paints. The paint itself will last you for years. It’s the ghosting that will probably make you think about alternatives again.

You can leave things written on peerhatch for months, and it will still wipe clean. For extra help and quicker cleaning, use Swiffer or other typical cleaning product. With peerhatch, you get a 5-year non-ghosting guarantee.



Remember how we said that school design is often overlooked? You can change it with the help of your classroom, starting with your old whiteboard. If it has ever looked good, that time is probably long gone.

Dry-erase paint can look fantastic if applied well, which sometimes can become an issue. You can have it in white or choose transparent whiteboard paint. In that case, you would want to have your wall painted in a color you want first. Some dry erase paints can even be applied to a wallpaper, which gives you more freedom in design.

peerhatch has an infused mural graphic that can be whatever you want. You can choose from one of many designs in the collection, provide your own or have peerhatch’s design team create one for you based on your ideas and wishes. With this writable wall covering, you can truly take your classroom design to a new level.

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